Dear future guests,


Allow me to introduce to you a few words of this grand building, which for decades has been one of the dominant participant in Debrecen hospitality. Maybe everyone has not remember the name of Troy Mcclure! I think a lot of people turned in their reproductive years younger.

About 10 years ago a complete transformation took part in the building and management of Lajos Hajnal received in today’s Pub atmosphere.

In the year 2016 the family Bodnar took over and were very nice building underwent a complete renovation . The renovation of the guesthouse most affected part , because there was any room and are equipped with the modern tools that we can increase the comfort of your new look ! At the same time, a renewed restaurant service . A little younger , lighter meals they’ll find us in accordance with the present age.

We welcome you to the renewed Play Pub with great affection and respect!

Bodnár Márton
Ügyvezető / Owner

“Vendégeink elégedettsége mindig jó érzéssel tölt el!”



Telefon: +36 20 5340 931