Irish atmosphere and hospitality of Hungarian recognized the Play Pub House , which is located in a historic building at the corner of St. Anna and Batthyány street.

This Irish-Hungarian duality is present in all things in due balance. Irish style bohemian atmosphere close to the Hungarian people’s character. Cozy, warm layout and equipment as well.

The menu includes dishes found abundant and tasty.

At noon , when people have little time to eat and almost no discussion, the daily deals are the most popular. This is not only fast, but also diverse. Those who have already had lunch here, they can tell that – for a given quantity and quality – very inexpensively, 1090 HUF posters are given a choice of soup and main dishes , desserts which you are.

The Pub great spot to meet friends or business breakfast or coffee. Unfortunately we are not yet widespread enough in our city is a good habit to start the day with breakfast business. But in the morning, everyone’s life is a strong point when he does not slip, which is easily compatible with the partners’ time. The recommendation is to have a well -laid table for breakfast food and wine list selected launch relaxed mood lively, meaty their day.

Visit this charming Hungarian-Irish tavern – inn !

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